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You Will Be Fine

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

By Niall Power

If you’re going,

I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do.

Who cringes at your nuances and is proud to see you cry.

I hope you find someone whose denial and thrill for anxiety

is as rampant in his own being

as it is in you when there is no evening.

I can look through the bushes in a park

of a memory of us and only hope he,

when he comes,

can air brush mediocrity into beautiful love stories

like I can.

That he will memorize the errors in your origin story

and when shame does come,

I hope he runs. I hope you find perfection in every breath with yourself and that he clings onto your windowsill

like a villain in a thriller.

And when you’re together, I hope it’s like a bender and you end up at the end of the earth’s alleyway smoking crack for love,

together. And all the wonderful weather,

wind and sleet and hail,

falls on you and him forever.

And that you never,


forget that I loved you less than a brick being fucked by a feather.

Niall's first collection of poetry and fiction, Fall Risk, was published earlier this year by Michelkin Publishing. He works as a freelance creative copywriter for companies like Nike and JUUL and has had a couple poems published in some literary magazines. He loves literature and art and is simply excited that Heliopause exists to churn out content for the creatives out there.

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