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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

(an excerpt from "Sixteen/Twelve/Ten/Eighteen: Stories That Knit a Community Together")

By Kaylie-Ann Flannigan

Nothing scares me much anymore. When I was a kid, especially after my mother died, I had a fear of dying. I’m not the least afraid of that anymore. Not at all. I’m afraid of losing my people, because I’ve lost too many.

What the world’s coming to. I’m really worried about what this election is going to bring us. I’m really worried about the future and what’s going to happen with the world. I just can’t imagine bringing up little kids now in this generation and what they are coming into.

Hitting a deer. I kid you not there’s so many out there. I would be devastated, oh my god, if I ever killed a deer I would be devastated. I can’t say nothing really scares me, you know life is good. I really don’t fear anything. Scared of alligators. I was afraid they were under my bed and I had to look for them.

Looking back at how my parents died, my father of heart disease and my mother after a fall, I think about how to prevent that from happening to us.

About the author: Kaylie-Ann Flannigan considers herself a professional dabbler and she exercises curiosity in a multitude of mediums. A sociologist at heart, she enjoys collecting stories and writing about folks in our vast and magnificent world. Her featured work focuses on the importance of intergenerational storytelling and her current project centers around people and planes. Kaylie is a Vermont native living in New York City, where she works full time as a flight attendant and has way too many roommates.

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