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We the Children

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

By Lyn Patterson

In the aftermath of reconstruction we the children of

the Colombian Exchange have seen the impact that

one politician

can have over a century of change.

After emancipation, our government

did put into place policies which have caused

generational trauma to entire race and yet this

is not considered domestic terrorism.

When a government

wreaks havoc

on the most vulnerable of its citizens

in the name of capitalism and you silence us from listening

while praising transparency…

You challenge our activism,

suppressing dissent when democracy was founded on

the premise of equity what is this false equivalence?

Are we witnessing

the beginning of the fall of this system?

Where are the checks and balances

in this impending demise of civility? What can be more patriotic

than demanding freedom for all in the land of the free?

About the author: Lyn Patterson is a poet and flash fiction writer originally from Seattle, Washington. She has lived all over the east coast and currently travels while teaching online courses to aspiring reading teachers. She is inspired by poetry and flash fiction because of the creativity, healing, and reflection it provides both author and reader. Themes she explores are intersectionality, feminism, identity, non-western religious beliefs, and relationships in the digital age. She is currently working on her debut manuscript while salsa dancing every chance she gets.

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