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we need bigger pockets

By Kaylie-Ann Flannigan

Is it normal to do a comparative analysis of whether it makes more sense to put your keys or

your wallet into your pocket when you can only fit one in?

If I placed my keys into my pocket, then I would be able to bring them out on my way to the

grocery store. When they ask me if I have my Stop & Shop card I can politely say ‘yes, yes I do’ and hand it to them right then and there and not have to search around for it.

Then again after I give them the card so easily from my pocket I still would need to take off my backpack and remove the wallet in order to pay for my goods. Maybe, it would be best to take out the card and put it in my pocket? I think there is room for that. But then again, what if I lose the card among all the other random things in my pocket. Besides, it’s rainy. And don’t forget: I’m biking.

Back to the keys… so what if I have to take my wallet out? The keys, in the long run are more

important because I need them to get into the back door of my apartment. I mean quite possibly I could go through the front door, but I would have to walk up the entire hill to get to the key code pad AND if there is no one else home I would need the keys anyway to get into the individual apartment. And I’ll have groceries now, don’t forget. That will make that hill extra hellish.

Why am I even going grocery shopping on a rainy day anyway? Can’t I just put it off until

tomorrow? I think that there’s a can of soup somewhere on the shelf. Can’t I just settle with that for dinner?

Maybe I could just go home first and drop everything off and THEN go grocery shopping. That way I don’t even need to decide about wallet and keys. I can clean out my pockets and fit both. Doesn’t that sound luxurious? But then again if I do that, I’m going to have to come back to the grocery store, which is a total drag because its already on the way home.

Well there is folks, clear as day. Keys in the pocket it is.

Kaylie-Ann Flannigan considers herself a professional dabbler and she exercises curiosity in a multitude of mediums. A sociologist at heart, she enjoys collecting stories and writing about folks in our vast and magnificent world. Her current project centers around people and planes. Kaylie is a Vermont native living in New York City, where she works full time as a flight attendant and has way too many roommates.

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