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Born and raised in Argentina, Melina Ester Scotte began her journey with painting when she was just twelve years old. While acquiring a fair amount of her techniques at the art school she attended there, the majority of her skills have been developed throughout the years through her own curiosity and growth. Dabbling with different materials, techniques, styles and truly allowing herself to enjoy the journey with her own creativity, she has developed her own unique style. In some ways Melina expresses her own world, vision, and personal emotions throughout different stages of her life through her paintings.

Influences through Melina's own personal travels allowed her to also travel through her art as well.

Enjoying the diversity in her daily life, Melina also strives to diversify her art, as she is always pursuing new and different styles. "Art is always a challenge and a pleasure to just free the imagination through the use of colors, shapes and details."

Melina Scotte has and continues to participate in different galleries in Chile and Argentina including doing commissions, and now is becoming involved with some art galleries in Chicago where she resides.

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