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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

About the artist: Jeff Musillo is a writer, visual artist, actor, and director. He's the author of The Ease of Access (2013) Can you See That Sound (The Operating System, 2014) Snapshot Americana (Roundfire Books, 2014) The Eternal Echo (Strawberry Books, 2016) The Charming Swindler (Michelkin Books, 2016) Small Boy, Big Dreams (Michelkin Books, 2017), and Three of a Kind (Michelkin Books, 2017). His paintings have been commissioned for buildings throughout New York as well as exhibited in shows and magazines in both the U.S. and Europe. His work in film, as a screenwriter, director, and actor, has premiered at The Hoboken International Film Festival, The Jersey Shore Film Festival, and The Katra Film Series. He was most recently cast in the pilots Holiday Shelter and Tinder is the Night, as well as the feature film, Love Comes Later. Jeff is currently directing his own feature film, The Persistence of Time. 

Artist Statement:

I paint because I want to capture what I call “The Flash.” With literature and film, in order to build, expand on, and properly convey a story, one typically has to work with many different mental images popping up and flying in from every direction. Naturally, some of those images work well in a novel, some in film, but then there are those quick flashes that stand alone, concepts that deserve immediate attention and need to be on the canvas. And that’s what I always try to do with my artwork. With one firm, individual image, I want to create a story that evokes a full-range of emotions while producing a complete story for the viewer to examine and experience.

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