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Slow Meadows

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

By Pangaea; Sara Gamble

I found life delicately

veiled underneath

my spine

all curled up

she felt like winter

and slow meadows.

A drifting flight risk

coated in burgundy

lipstick and saliva.

There I was breathing.


I watched the only raft

in the river back home

float away

so there I sat

wearing rose and

crescent silver moonlight,

whispering to dandelions

and licking thunderstorms.

Part silhouette,

part cold-blooded creature

weeping for a warm

place to fall.

Pangaea is an upcoming writer who enjoys the art of story telling. Her  poems are mostly about existence, sadness, and imagination. Writing helps her a lot to process certain emotions and express them in a beautiful way. She is based in South Florida where she is writing her first book of poetry and working as a chef releasing her own handcrafted line this winter. 

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