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The Man I Fell in Love With

By Soodabeh Saeidnia

carried totes, bags

filled with dead butterflies—

his fingers pinned

against their handles,

his arms numb—

branches of cedar

glued to his legs

with xylem sap

from maple trees, his sclerae,

filled with salt from the Dead Sea.

He covered the holes I dug

in his chest with Band-Aids.

Blue jays migrated south

to build nests made of his hair,

but his bald head

was never meant to be

their promised land;

his consonant-trapped

tongue never mine.

All that remained

of his last dream of light

were a few feathers

stuffed in each ear.

Soodabeh Saeidnia has worked as a Visiting Researcher and awarded a Foreign Researcher Fellowship to work as a Research Associate in Kyoto University, Japan, as well as Assistant and Associate Professor at TUMS and Visiting Professor at Saskatchewan University, Canada. She has written roughly 150 scientific papers for various academic journals, books and chapters in both English and Farsi. She is also interested in literature and poetry, and has published a collection of her poems, “Harfhaee- Baraye- Khodam” (Words for myself) and “A Poem and Three Generations” in Farsi. Soodabeh is currently living in Kew Gardens, New York.

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