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Tall Sky

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

By Zebedee Rear

"Once we get out of the trees..."

Charlie left the rest of his sentence

to drift

with the other unfinished lines of cloud

as we drove.

We left the forest behind

and the world filled it's lungs


no longer could I reach the horizon

with a thrown stone.

The sky arched it's back,

drifting cirri hissed past.

Sage was left smoldering

on the well scrubbed tabletop.

Years earlier, the fruiting bodies

of the salmonflies had swarmed

so thick

around the whorls

that you could feel half a bear,

snatching them from the waters

tension and biting down.

About the author: Zebedee Madison is a traveling poet born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He returns perennially to sit quietly in the forests.

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