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Staying Golden

By Karishma Mehta

Did you forget, strong woman? Not to accept anything less not to pour yourself completely into that black hole of an abyss? Did you forget, strong woman? To bow out gracefully when first encounters second, third or hundredth do not end in your sovereignty? Did you forget, strong woman? You are not porcelain nor easily shattered. Your mother handmade you (out of carbon with her bare hands) before out into the universe you were scattered. Did you forget, strong woman? You are resilient and ever ready. To shine brilliantly in the aftermath of pressurized settings? Did you forget, strong woman? There is power in staying golden in our losses even more than in our victories. And it’s about time you showed them.

Karishma Mehta is a rising Indian-American poet. She earned her bachelor’s in Psychology from GWU, and lives in the Washington D.C. area. Her writing creates connections between science and poetry, and focuses on issues like identity, minority experiences, women and youth empowerment, human psychology, and more

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