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Shiftwood Sculpture

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Sky Darwin graduated high school with a Journeyman’s Degree in automotive repair and thought that would be his life. Imagine his surprise when he ended up getting a B.F.A. in dance and spent the next 14 years as a performer and teacher as well as a semi-professional musician/songwriter. After a career ending injury, Sky went on to work in the Seattle performing arts scene for 13 years as a stage technician, production manager, sound, scenic and lighting designer. Shiftwood Sculpture began as a fun thing to do when it was nice out. It was inspired by several rather disconnected events that occurred during a month long motorcycle trip in August 2012 around the borders of Washington State. And Sky came away with the question: how could he use driftwood to tell stories in an abstract way?

Sky then started up a sculpture garden in Lincoln Park, Seattle as well as touring the coasts of Oregon and Washington by truck, bike, sailboat, kayak and on foot. Thus, the series, “Sites Pacific: Illuminating the Stories of the Landscape” began. 5 years later, Sky has traveled the length of the West Coast in search of inspiring places with a good supply of driftwood. Along the way he has rowed until his hands bled, put large pieces up in windstorms, free-climbed sea cliffs, boat camped many miles of the Puget Sound and various rivers and camped out in remote locations for long periods in search the elusive perfect form.

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