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Secret Documents

Marianne Simonin is a French self taught artist living in London (UK) and she likes to explore essentially Female energy, symbolism and Nature. Her work shifts between figurative and abstraction. Her source of inspiration and references stem from poetry, songs, deep emotions, and meditative states. The work produced has a strong psychological or spiritual presence. She also have a fascination towards the 'soul' revealing itself through the eyes, which often let her explore portraiture of my imagination or inspired by people that intrigue her. She then seeks to access states of mind hiding behind expressions. 

In this present work about ‘Untold stories,’ she painted about some family secrets that were taking place on her mother's side. It was about finding out about the true paternity of a close family member, and many letters and documents were searched in different relatives' home.  

She painted at the time two oils on canvas in a style that was different from her usual one, giving less details while depicting the vibration around each person as to keep them locked in a protective aura and their own secret.

One is called "Secret documents' which expresses the unknown father walking away, and the other 'Nowhere to be found' where Marianne is depicted with her mother searching for proofs in family archives.

Her current studio is at Thames-sides Studios in Woolwich, South London.

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