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Since childhood, artist Spitblossoms has wanted to go down the creative path. It makes him happy to be able to bring things to life and he loves exploring other peoples art and being able to share ideas with the art community. Art has always been a meditation for him and a healthy way to vent out stressful situations during hard times. He didn't have the best childhood- his parents broke up when he was seven and his mom lost her way a bit, getting into drugs with wacked out dudes, dragging him and his younger brother along. Even when things got really tough with all the mistakes and poverty that took place, he always had his art. His art serves as a creation that he can be proud of, using it to pass the time, to develop and perfect his vision,and create a vast imagination away from the problems he faced. Through art, he has created a healthier mind state, overcame hardships, and pushed forward to achieve his goals and dreams.

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