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By Anasuya Bardhan

You choose to be

like the unrhymed lines

of a poem-blitheful.

But when read

sounds calm and beautiful.

I wish

to put you up

as a story,

revealing every bit

with pace and mystery.

But there you are

standing naked

in front of all,

like a baby

smiling for every pinch.

Anasuya Bardhan, a mechanical engineer and poet, currently lives with her family in Calcutta, India. She began writing at a very early stage but decided to share her writings 2-3 years back only. She first shared her writings on Yourquote app, where she quickly made 2k + followers. She recently joined Instagram and has earned features on pages like @bymepoetry @globalagepoetry @penmandiary @bymepoetryindia. She draws her inspiration to write from her own experiences in life, nature and people around her. "Whatever moves me, I write", she says. In her past time, she tries to help the economically backward section of the society. She has a special liking for people who are kind and grounded to earth.

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