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Paris by Day

Updated: May 7, 2019

I loved to wander the city of Paris just deciding where to go after I got off the train from Versailles. I loved the different parks and inner passage collection of shops and to sit in a tea room drinking mango tea. Or just walking along to discover the many pieces of public art. I loved the Grand Palais where I entered the Salon des Independants in 1991. The many train stations always called to me and took me back to the time of the impressionists. St. Lazare Station was probably my favorite as I saw it in its many faces of the dark cloudy days or the brightly lit sun spots slipping in under the great glass roof. Canal St Martin was also a usual habitat for me. Paris has so many untold stories that I seem to hear a few phrases from past time as I spent hours sitting in cafes. Basking in the history of the many writers, poets and artist who breathed in the atmosphere to create new works.

I created this piece after my return from living a number of years in France, just outside of Paris.

Though born in the city of Chicago, Janet Brugos has always felt she was a citizen of the whole world, not just her birth country. While living outside the city of Lights, Paris, she paid attention to her inner desires of wanting to create art. Janet met a wonderful French artist, who guided her to enter the Salon des Independants. Janet had shown the artist her early collages and she was quite encouraging. She did enter the Salon in 1991. Afterwards, she received many invitations to show in Paris galleries. She thought it was some kind of mistake but her husband, Dominque, told her to check out the galleries. She did and they were fine galleries. The first one, Galerie Everarts wanted her to have 8 framed pieces. The only two framed pieces she had were the ones that were in the Salon at Grand Palais, so she had to make a deal with her framer to frame several additional pieces. It was so exciting be a part of the art scene in Paris. She thought she was dreaming. The second showing she had in Paris was in a show called Les Ponts de Paris. She created two collages based on her ideas of many of the bridges, not one particular bridge. She doesn't recall the name of the space where this was held but it was huge. At the opening, she arrived with friends who thought it must be a theater, as there was a huge line of people waiting to get in. She had a hard time finding her pieces but then saw them from a distance. They were in a central place so viewing them from afar and near gave very different impressions. She was totally thrilled to be a part of this vibrant art scene. Janet received many more invitations for art shows but was not able to take part. Her marriage had collapsed and her mother was experiencing health difficulties. Her intent was to return to the US for six months, help her mother, and think about whether to dissolve the marriage or not. In the end, she obtained a divorce and returned to live in Colorado.

She continued with her art and at the same time worked as a Field Interviewer for NORC, the Social Science Research arm of the University of Chicago. While in Colorado, she had several solo shows, the most important being at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo. Her show was titled “Bridges." She made two pieces: one was “Paris by Day” and the other was “Paris by Night.” Paris by Day sold in that show as well as several other pieces. She exhibited frequently in galleries in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Durango and Denver. While she loved the pure mountain air and being near enough to help her mother when she needed it, she missed the Cosmopolitan life in France.

In 2005, she moved back to the San Francisco Bay area to the city of Oakland where she still resides. She loves Oakland and its many art scenes. Her art has evolved. She has produced many pieces each year. Lately she has been working of a series called Ice Thins which calls attention to climate change and its effects. She continues to return to the theme of bridges.

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