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Pam's Choice

By Jasmine Dine

Resistant to assistance

he chose not to learn bird

his blurred brain shaved viscose

in gradual deformation-

the sort that preferred,

cotton white bells

hanging humbled as heads

suffocated in splatters,

widespread oxygenated chimes

alight with red toxic blossom

flatter us with disorderly dead nihilistic rhymes-

nothing matters, but the awesome

nectar temptation and then radio station signs

synchronized the beats of your wings

with mine, love

humming in spite of us

-cawing freedom like foxgloves

four hundred and fifty beats a time, or around that, sort of

singing in spite of entertaining world vectors

ravenous rage monosyllabic electors

a semi-erratic sensation

intrinsic meaning forsaken

well you must be mistaken,

a mentalist anaphylactic- beating hard against

average aristocratic; sees to trample establishment

from Piscean utero

well, like, mosquito Cicero

versus government, invents indecision

in an assault on us in defense of damn dissociation

who sits vexed and resigns him in a blend of alienation

the community an allergic reaction for inhabitants

to vent on the sick symptomatic societal values

where an ambrosiac vocation adjacent in ineffable nirvana

is erotica to sonorous supernova;

bright, irate and savage like Titus Adronicus

acquaints us right to the carriage of; (yes, they're superfluous)

Allah, Buddha, Aphrodite, and Jehovah-

recovers his confession from righteous passover-     says;

                              i love you, i love you

                                 it's over, it's over

Jasmine Dine is a Poet currently residing in the rainy city of Manchester, England. Having lived in 50 houses across the U.K. and USA at just 24 years old, she has experienced life with a trajectory for turbulence but an unwavering sense of curiosity about the Universe. Jasmine studied Creative Writing and English Literature at Ruskin College, Oxford and then went on to work defending human rights on behalf of Amnesty International. These days she uses introspection and her adoration for nature and philosophy to compose work on the violent realities of mental illness and trauma - She was first published in the anthology; 'I Have a Dream' - age 12 and has since been featured in magazines, exhibitions and art blogs. Jasmine is currently working on a chapbook for release in 2019. Keep up with her upcoming work at @theunsweetenedalmond.

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