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Introduction (to information)

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

By Niall Power

Where do they find the time

to make all this internet

I’m a savage if nothing else I can’t

Pick my feet up

I might be alive

you can dissect me like an amateur

lobster eater Look in and tell me if what I have

Is more or different than the world wide information floating around wrapping our eyes

like dogs playing in blankets

If we sprayed the waves of data

with the liquid that illuminates

sperm in crime scenes

I don’t think we’d see each other’s


I don’t know if we can see each other’s expressions

Niall's first collection of poetry and fiction, Fall Risk, was published earlier this year by Michelkin Publishing. He works as a freelance creative copywriter for companies like Nike and JUUL and has had a couple poems published in some literary magazines. He loves literature and art and is simply excited that Heliopause exists to churn out content for the creatives out there.

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