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I don't remember

By Rajnish Mishra

I don’t remember

now how I felt when I first

looked at my first-born, or the second one.

I don’t remember

now. Didn’t remember earlier either.

I remember

facts as they were, not feelings.

I like to note things down as I forget a lot.

I write as I feel.

I remember

having taken her in my arms

tenderly and then carrying her to my wife.

Before that, I had counted her fingers,

five in the left hand, five in the right one

and five plus five toes.

I don’t remember

why I wanted the perfect twenty divided


Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, translator and blogger born and brought up in Varanasi, India and now in exile from his city. His work originates at the point of intersection between his psyche and his city. He edits PPP Ezine.

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