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By Callum Murphy

harry has said that i am a good talker

i told him many things

i told him about the small god who had ran within me

wild but enclosed

i told him about the sunday glow that slipped through the window

and into the studio

harry told me that i listen but rarely hear

i held my hands up said fair game, word, yes

straight up, H

i’ve been watching your face move but i’m satellite high

and mad focused on my own

i can hear you in front of me

but you’re a baby in a bubble


i have watched you talk

and assumed that you were hollywood happy

but you might not have been

and i didn’t know because i didn't ask

but on this night together

we coined a cocktail

licked with tequila, lime and chilli jam

called it ‘the dickinmurph’

then we smoked something marshmallowy

and i opened the channel for you in truth

i said harry i am sorry

and then i asked you to give me signals

you told me that there is an insincerity in me

an ease in the swing of my tongue

but a possible shortage of pulp in my heart

as i splashed my dreams across your floor

i checked your face to see if you were still listening

and thought that you probably were

i saw my friend

one who has seen much

experienced much

lived much

i hope you see me as a friend

i hope i treat you like a friend

i hope you know i’ll listen

Callum Murphy is a 23 year old artist from Walthamstow in East London. You can find his work on Instagram at @cal_part1.

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