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Feast on my Decay

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

by Emma Turner

This is what decomposing feels like the creeping

crawling under your toes up the rug to the other

side of the world and then I keep forgetting

my stream of thought with the actual weight.

The weirdness of trying to communicate the now

Walk outside for undulation and balance but

these pieces keep dropping not puzzle

something more like cherry cream sugar

Fat dollops of life that don’t fill the holes,

but make more and I can’t resist falling

into them over and over…

Yes, the shadows in the forest have a different energy

lonely, they beg you to sit in the dark and stay

Please know me gently soft moss

For my bones feel old and I won’t

suppress the desire to die here

in your arms; they are the softest to me

About the author: Emma B. Turner is a feminist writer, artist, and farmer who studied English at Tufts University. When not busy making things, Emma enjoys reading and walking in the woods.

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