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familiar creaks

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

By Emma Chaffee

won’t you celebrate with me

the sun’s light touch on the dripping kitchen sink

the crumbs wiped  up from the counter

and the tomatoes waiting to be washed

won’t you celebrate with me

the worn down couch where the cat lies, stretches

the shaggy carpet which probably holds a marble or two

and won’t you celebrate with me

the creak of the floors

the heavy sigh

of the floors

of the house


oh, haven’t l served you well

About the author: Emma Chaffee is an 18 year old graduate of Burlington High School in Burlington, Vermont. She will be attending Mount Holyoke College in the fall, where she intends to pursue Elementary Education. This summer, Chaffee is working for Very Merry Theatre, a non-profit theatre company in Burlington. Theatre is her main extra curricular, though she loves to paint and write when she has time. She says she is thankful to all who inspire her to create art — in all its forms. Her poem "familiar creaks" is inspired by Lucille Clifton's, "won't you celebrate with me."

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