Meet the Editors

Elizabeth Conard


Poetry & Visual Arts Editor

Elizabeth Conard grew up in Vermont and currently works in Philadelphia as a freelance writer and editor. Her poetry has been published in The Times Argus and Pamplemousse and her poetry collection On Consumption is available through Google Books. Liz created Heliopause in 2017 after the (false) realization that she might never write or create artwork again. 

She tweets: @etceteraaaa

Harper Shawverhowell

Fiction & Non-Fiction Editor 

Harper Shawverhowell spent much of her childhood Saturday afternoons writing research essays about her favorite animals and reading away thunderstorm anxieties. Growing up in Vermont, she longed for the hustle and bustle or New York City- so now, of course, she lives in Los Angeles! Her passion for the written word will follow her wherever she ends up next.


If you're a fan of cheesy posts, dogs, landscape views, and more dogs, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @harpsiclee

Jessie Warren

Visual Arts Editor

Bio coming soon! :-) 

Leash Holden

Digital Content Editor

Leash Holden’s art comes from the inside. There is no complex motivation or reasoning behind it; she is simply responding to a compulsion that has always been present in her. Her father is an abstract artist, so she has been steeped in the artistic tradition for her whole life. Leash likes to challenge herself and the consumer. She has no interest in making art that is comfortable. Juxtapositions are a big part of what she does. Characters can be equal parts cute or terrifying, and the presentation of them side by side strengthens each individual element in a way that isolating the elements does not. Not only is she an artist, she is also the editor of an intercompany zine that reaches out to over 500 people. She finds fun and appealing ways to spice up the work place with aesthetic zines and engagement opportunities. When she isn’t working or making art, she enjoys playing with her Afghan Hound, Sadie (pictured here!). Find Leash on Instagram: @themisskitty

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